Journal of Societal and Social Policy, ISSN 1681-2816

VOLUME 3, NUMBER 3 (December 2004)

Jason L. Powell :
"Aging, Family Policy, and Narrative: A British Perspective"

Kim Sang-Kyun and Lee Euna:

"The Korean Pension Reform: Struggle Between Restructuring and Renovation"

Christian Aspalter :

"Europe in Transition: Welfare State Reform in Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom"

Nelson W.S. Chow:

"Social Welfare in Hong Kong--Post 1997: Opportunity in the Midst of Constraints"


Ray Forrest and James Lee:
"Housing and Social Change: East-West Perspectives" (Christian Aspalter)

Kwong-Leung Tang and Chak-kie Wong:
"Poverty Monitoring and Alleviation in East Asia " (Christian Aspalter)


VOLUME 3, NUMBER 2 (August 2004)


Fred H. Besthorn and Katherine van Wormer:
"Restorative Justice: An Alternative Approach to Fairness, Equity, and Equality--An Introduction"

Katherine van Wormer:

"Restorative Justice: An International Model of Empowerment"

Morris Jenkins :

"Afrocentric Theory and the Restorative Justice Process: A Productive Response to Crime and Delinquency in the African Community"

Fred H. Besthorn:

"Restorative Justice and Environmental Restoration, Twin Pillars of a Just Global Environmental Policy: Hearing the Voices of the Victim"

Charles Lawrence, Madeleine Lovell, and Jaqueline Helfgott:
"The Moral Discourse of Healing: Victims and Offenders for Restorative Justice"

Heather Peters :
"Family Group Conferencing and Family Violence: One Community's Power Struggle"


Daniel W. Van Ness and Karen Heetderks Strong:
"Restoring Justice" (Michelle D. DiLauro)

Barkan Elaza :
"The Guilt of Nations: Restitution and Negotiating Historical Injustices " (Susan C. Allen)

VOLUME 3, NUMBER 1 (April 2004)


Marcel Fink and Emmerich Talos:
"Welfare State Retrenchment in Austria: Ignoring the Logic of Blame Avoidance? "

Gerard Bellefeuille:

"Rethinking the Distributive Paradigm: The Canadian Welfare State"

Jason L. Powell and Azrini Wahidin:

"Corporate Crime, Aging, and Pensins in Great Britain"

Zhu Ya-Peng and James Lee:

"Resdistributive Justice and Housing Benefits in China: The Guiyang Model "


Katherine Van Wormer:
"Confronting Oppression, Restoring Justice: From Policy Analysis to Social Action" (Mary Boes)

Gosta Esping-Andersen:
"Why We Need a New Welfare State" (Christian Aspalter)

VOLUME 2, NUMBER 3 (December 2003)


Michael Opielka:
"Gendering the Welfare State: The Issue of Carework Salaries in Germany"

Jim Goddard:

"Children Leaving Care in the United Kingdom: 'Corporate Parenting' and Social Exclusion"

Enkeleida Tahiraj:

"Feminization of Poverty: The Case of Albania"

Mark Li and Raymond Ngan:

"After the Handover: Economic Downturn, Social Crises, and Sagging Political Popularity in Hong Kong"


Michael Lipsky:
"Street-Level Bureaucracy: Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Services" (Lee Bong-Joo)

VOLUME 2, NUMBER 2 (August 2003)


Alan Walker and Bob Deacon:
"Economic Globalization and Policies on Aging"

Peter Abrahamson:

"The End of the Scandinavian Model? Welfare Reform in the Nordic Countries"

Christian Aspalter:

"The Australian Welfare State Model in Transition: Integrating a Gender Perspective"

Ngok Kinglun:

"Market Transition and the Development of Chinese Labor Law"


Christian Aspalter (editor):
"Worlds of Welfare Capitalism" (Christian Aspalter)

Lee Ming Kwan:

"Chinese Occupational Welfare in Market Transition"
(Christian Aspalter)

VOLUME 2, NUMBER 1 (April 2002)


Arthur Gould:
"Drugs, Prostitution, and the Swedish Welfare State: Modernist Morality in a Postmodern World"

Alan Walker:

"Securing the Future for Old Age in Europe"

Patricia Harris:

"The Neoliberal Era in Politics and Social Policy: A View from Australia"

Joe C.B. Leung:

"Strengthening Families: The Restructuring of Family Services in Hong Kong"

Katherine Van Wormer:

"Confronting Oppression in the Social Welfare State: The Role of Social Work "


Katherine Van Wormer and Diane Rae Davis:
"Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective" (Katherine Van Wormer)

Christian Aspalter (editor):

"Discovering the Welfare State in East Asia"
(Christian Aspalter)

Silvia Borzutzky:

"Vital Connections: Politics, Social Secrutiy, and Inequality in Chile"
(Christian Aspalter)

VOLUME 1, NUMBER 1 (Dec. 2002)


Eileen Baldry and Sue Green:
"Indigenous Welfare in Australia"

Zeev Rosenhek:

"Social Policy and National Building: The Dynamics of the Israeli Welfare State"

John Doling and Roziah Omar:

"The Welfare State System in Malaysia"

Peter Abrahamson:

"The Danish Welfare State: A Social Rights Perspective"


Katherine Van Wormer:
"Counseling Female Offenders and Victims: A Strengths-Restorative Approach" (Katherine Van Wormer)

Christian Aspalter:

"Conservative Welfare State Systems in East Asia"
(Christian Aspalter)

Arthur Gould:

"Developments in Swedish Social Policy: Resisting Dionysus" (Arthur Gould)

Robert W. Stern:

"Democracy and Dictatorship in South Asia: Dominant Classes and Political Outcomes in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh"
(Christian Aspalter)


Information on the Journal

Editorial Statement

JSSP is a refereed academic imprint that specializes in the promotion of social policy and social studies Worldwide.

Aims of JSSP

The aim of the journal is to publish original material in societal and social policy widely conceived, thus extending the scope of traditional social policy journals to include much wider area of studies—
that is, social policy, women's policy, gender studies, labor market policy, poverty and income distribution, education policy, housing policy, health policy, population policy, democratization, multicultural society, social and religious movements, issues on society and security, environmental protection policy, and so forth.

The journal has a worldwide focus, articles on developing and developed countries from around the world are welcome. The editorial board would like to encourage expecially articles on countries in Latin America, Africa, all of Asia and the many island states that are left out elsewhere. The journal also aims at the coverage of societal and social policy issues in all countries in the developed world, be they large or small in size

The policy of the journal is to encourage younger and less well-established scholars to contribute as well as those who are more senior, and to foster a pluralistic approach to the study of societal and social policy. Views which are not compatible with prevailing orthodoxies are positively welcome, so long as they are rigorously argued.

The 36 members of the editorial board

Silvia Borutzky (Carnegie Mellon University, US)
Grzegorz Ekiert (Harvard University, US)
Jan L. Hagen (State University of New York at Albany, US)
Bruce Jansson (University of Southern California, US)
Joyce K. Kallgren (University of California at Berkeley, US)
Carmelo Mesa-Lago (University of Pittsburgh, University of Florida, US)
James Midgley (University of California at Berkeley, US)
Robert P. Scheurell (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, US)
Katherine Van Wormer (University of Northern Iowa, US)
Ramesh Mishra (York University, Canada)
Ito Peng (University of Toronto, Canada)
Jane Lewis (Oxford University, UK)
Alan Walker (Sheffield University, UK)
Jason L. Powell (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
Stein Kuhnle (University of Bergen, Norway)
Sven Olsson-Hort (Soedertoerns University, Sweden)
Diane Sainsbury (Stockholm University, Sweden)
Olli Kangas (University of Turku, Finland)
Peter Abrahamson (Copenhagen University, Denmark)
Katharina Mueller (German Development Institute, Germany)
Ilona Ostner (University of Goettingen, Germany)
Marcel Fink (University of Vienna, Austria)
Giuliano Bonoli (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
Franca Maino (University of Pavia, Italy)
Michael Shalev (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
Michael H.H. Hsiao (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Raymond K.H. Chan (The City University of Hong Kong)
Nelson W.S. Chow (The University of Hong Kong)
Joe C.B. Leung (The University of Hong Kong)
Kim Jin-Soo (Yonsei University, Korea)
Lee Bong-Joo (Seoul National University, Korea)
Fabio Bertranou (ILO, Chile)
Alberto Arenas de Mesa (DIPRES, Government of Chile)

Chief editors

Kim Sang-Kyun (Seoul National University, Korea)
Ahn Sang-Hoon (Seoul National University, Korea)
Christian Aspalter
(Seoul National University, Korea)

Other details

JSSP is a refereed, tri-annual Journal. Proofread articles in English on topics related to societal and social policy from around the world are welcome. Please send your article (max. 8,000 words) to Christian Aspalter ([email protected]), Ahn Sang-hoon ([email protected]), or Kim Sang-kyun ([email protected]).

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