How to become a member of the Research Center
on Societal and Social Policy?

Individual members

For a long-term membership (5 years and more) the fee is only USD/EURO 5,-- per year
a one-year membership costs USD/EURO 10,--

Institutional members

For a long-term membership (5 years and more) the fee is only USD/EURO 100,-- per year
a one-year membership costs USD/EURO 200,--

The first 150 members of RCSSP (those who joined us before 31.3.2003)
may have one year time - if they wish so - to extend their membership from end of March 2004 onwards,
until then they enjoy FREE membership!

RCSSP members may profit from the vast network of researchers of RCSSP and publication services offered voluntarily by RCSSP (such as articles in the Social Policy Times, publication of RCSSP Research Paper Series, etc.).

RCSSP also provides space for members to display their research profile (when they wish to do so!) and their personal homepages at RCSSP's website.

RCSSP also may publish books of RCSSP members (once they successfully passed a review reading process, less than two months).

RCSSP offers members huge discounts of up to 50 % on its publications, such as journals, books, and research papers.

Membership from RCSSP can be withdrawn by members at any time (an e-mail is enough).

For registration and questions please contact Christian Aspalter, [email protected], please send your name, affiliation, and area of research interests (and link to your personal homepage, or your CV for us to install a homepage for you - free of charge).

RCSSP is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. At this moment in time, the scope of services offered, naturally, implies some sort of financial means to keep the Research Center running! RCSSP offers a variety of FREE-OF-CHARGE services (electronic journal, plenty of free downloads, etc.).

Payments should go to the RCSSP-account:
The International Commercial Bank of China, ICBC 037-10-42879-4
(please also confirm the remittance with an e-mail of yours)

Note: one does not need to go to his or her local bank anymore - you can make your transactions online, ask your local bank
(in Europe the standard total fee for international transactions, from now on, is only EURO 10,--)!

Contact: [email protected]