Edited by Christian Aspalter

Casa Verde Publishing, Taipei/Hong Kong
January 2003, ISBN 986-80414-2-2

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction --- Christian Aspalter (Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan)

2. The Welfare State in the United States --- Robert P. Scheurell (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)

3. The Welfare State in Canada --- Janine Brodie (University of Alberta, Canada)

4. The Welfare State in Eight Latin American Countries --- Carmelo Mesa-Lago (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

5. The Welfare State in the United Kingdom --- Michael Lavalette (University of Liverpool, UK) and Laura Penketh (University of Central Lancashire, UK)

6. The Welfare State in Sweden --- Ahn Sang-hoon (University of Uppsala, Sweden) and Swen Olsson-Hort (Soedertoerns University College, Sweden)

7. The Welfare State in Denmark --- Peter Abrahamson (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

8. The Welfare State in France --- Jean-Paul Revauger (University of Provence)

9. The Welfare State in Germany
--- Ingo Bode (University of Duisburg, Germany)

10. The Welfare State in Switzerland --- Giuliano Bonoli (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)

11. The Welfare State in Italy --- Franca Maino (University of Pavia, Italy)

12. The Welfare State in Israel --- Zeev Rosenhek (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

13. Welfare Capitalism in Japan: Past, Recent and Future Developments --- Christian Aspalter and Lai On-kwok (Chaoyang University of Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University)

14. The South Korean Welfare State: The Impact of Political Alliances on Welfare Politics --- Kim Sang-kyun and Ahn Sang-hoon (Seoul National University, Korea)

15. The Welfare State in Hong Kong --- Raymond K.H. Chan (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

16. The Welfare State in Singapore: "Welfare Without Redistribution" --- Linda Low (Singapore National University, Singapore) and Christian Aspalter (Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan)

17. The Welfare State in Aotearoa/New Zealand --- Michael Goldsmith (Waikato University, New Zealand) and Catherine Kingfisher (University of Lethbridge, Canada)

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