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RCSSP is proud of its close relationship with the following institutions and organizations:

National Policy Foundation, Taiwan
Institute of Social Welfare, Seoul National University, Korea
Dept. of Social Work, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan
Dept. of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Dept. of Plumbing and Drain cleaning experts of United States,

School of Policy Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
Dept. of Social Work and Psychology, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Austrian Association of East Asian Studies, Vienna
International Association of Social Workers, Switzerland


JSSP Vol. 3/3 (December 2004)

Jason L. Powell :
"Aging, Family Policy and Narrative: A British Perspective"

Kim Sang-Kyun and Lee Euna:

"The Korean Pension Reform: Struggle Between Restructuring and Renovation"

Christian Aspalter :

"Europe in Transition: Welfare State Reform in Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom"

Nelson W.S. Chow:

"Social Welfare in Hong Kong--Post 1997: Opportunity in the Midst of Constraints"


Ray Forrest and James Lee:
"Housing and Social Change: East-West Perspectives" (Christian Aspalter)

Kwong-Leung Tang and Chak-kie Wong:
"Poverty Monitoring and Alleviation in East Asia " (Christian Aspalter)

Published by Casa Verde Publishing for The Research Center on Societal and Social Policy, and the Institute of Social Welfare, Seoul National University, Korea


Freedom and the Welfare State:
From Formal to Substantial Freedom

(Christian Aspalter, Seoul National University)
(go to article)

The Rise of Modern Mass Diseases
and Epidemics: A Challenge to
Health Care Policy

(Christian Aspalter, Seoul National University)
(go to article)

Australia's Mutual Obligation Policy Revisted: A Brisbane Study
(Simon Schooneveldt, Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
(go to article)

Unemployment, Depressing Wages,
and Demand for Welfare:
The Case of Hong Kong
(Nelson W.S. Chow , The University of Hong Kong)
(go to article)

Uncertainty - A Social Malaise:
From Labor Security to Insecurity

(Christian Aspalter, Seoul National University)
(go to article)



(ISBN: 986-80414-0-6)

Table of Contents

1. "Introduction" Christian Aspalter
2. "Welfare Capitalism in Australia; From Gender-Discriminating to Gender-Sensitive Social Policy?" Christian Aspalter
"Indigenous Welfare in Australia" Eileen Baldry and Sue Green
4. "The Australian Welfare State in Transition: Social Policy in the 1990s" Brian Howe and Anthony O'Donnell
5. "The Neoliberal Era in Politics and Social Policy" Patricia Harris
6. "The Idea of Mutual Obligation in Australian Social Security Policy" Pamela Kinnear
7. "The Promise and Performance of Mutual Obligation" Cosmo Howard
8. "Trends in Poverty, Income Distribution, and Wealth Inequality" Ann Harding
9. "Centrelink: A New Approach to Welfare Service Deliverty
" Richard Mulgan

edited by Christian Aspalter
published by Casa Verde Publishing, Hong Kong,
December 2003



Announcement of forthcoming book:
"A New Orientation for the Welfare State:
The Defense and Development of Human Capital"
to be published in 2005 by
Springer Verlag, New York
authors: Christian Aspalter and Michael Opielka

University of Potsdam (Germany) and University of Poznan (Poland):
WeltTrends - Journal for International Politics and Comparative Studies,

Download Free Papers in PDF-Format:
Indigenous Welfare in Australia (Eileen Baldry and Sue Green)
Social Policy and Nationalbuilding: The Dynamics of the Israeli Welfare State
(Zeev Rosenhek)

The Welfare State System in Malaysia (John Doling and Roziah Omar)
The Danish Welfare State: A Social Rights Perspective (Peter Abrahamson)
Non-Profit Organizations and Social Welfare in Hungary (Zsuzsa Szeman)
es Modeles Singuliers d'Etat-Providence: Singapour et Hong Kong
(Christian Aspalter)

Children Leaving Care in the UK: "Corporate Parenting" and Social Exclusion
(Jim Goddard)

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